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Margaret's Café e Nata

Portugese Custard Tarts!



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Gelatina Mok Yi Kei

Must have classic dessert in Macau, sawdust pudding/serradura.



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A staple restaurant in Macau with their famous African Chicken.




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Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei

Wondering the backstreets of Macau and you'll find this little shop serving up some delicious Dou Fu Fa (Beancurd Jelly with Sugar Syrup)



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Restaurante Tai Lei Loi Kei

Can't visit Macau without getting some Pork Chop Bun. So simple, so good.



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Pastelaria Koi Kei

A staple in Macau, this is easily some of the best jerky I've ever had. Too bad you can bring this stuff back to Canada!


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Canoe - Birthday

@OliverBonacini's Canoe for T's birthday! Huge thanks to @ChefHorne, Chef Gonsalves, & RD for making it happen.

Always an incredible experience at Canoe, made extra special with some surprises from Chef knowing us all to well and treating us to some incredible food and good times. 



East and West Coast Oysters with Cocktail Sauce and White Wine Mignonette Sauce.


Bison Carpaccio

Bison seared and cured for 8hrs. Served with "Reverse Pemmican" Threads (Shredded Brisket, Tossed with Saskatoon Cranberry Powder, then dehydrated). Pickled Saskatoon Chanterelle, Dandelion Purée, Cedar Jelly, Horseradish Crème Fraîche, Hot Sauce Cream.


Crab and Tuna Ceveche

Crab and Tuna tossed in Lemon, seasoned simply with Salt and Pepper. Pickled Strawberry and Radishes, Pickled Strawberry Juice Jelly, Taro Chips, Spicy Tempura. 


Forest Risotto

Matsutake Mushrooms, Fried Maple Leaf, Juniper Berry, Cranberry, Fried Lichen, Forest Rose, Charcoal, Sumac, Fur, and "other forest items".


Vanilla, Apple, Cloudberry Jelly


Alberta Lamb

Lentils, Curried Squash, Garlic, Dinosaur Kale, Neck Meat, Sweet Potato Purée.



Roasted Turnips and Fried Capers 



Extra Crispy Sweetbreads with Hot Sauce and Sauce Gribiche.



Thanks to RD for the Chocolate and Ginger Mousse with Raspberry Jelly.

Date Crumble with Orange Marmalade, Saffron & Orange Blossom Ice Cream. Prairies Granola Bar with Puffed Quinoa, Cashew, Hemp, Buckwheat, Meringues. Chocolate and Squash with 70% Chocolate Soft Cake, Squash Butter, Caramel, Squash and Cinnamon Ice Cream, Choux Pastry.

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Café de L'Ambre カフェ・ド・ランブル

"Coffee Only" says it all. Serving coffee in the heart of Tokyo for over 65 years. A family run coffee shop open since 1948 where 2nd and 3rd generation family members focus on a single thing, brewing the best cup of coffee they can. Café de L'Ambre roasts small batches daily from its collection of beans from all around the world, with many of the beans being over 10 years old, some even as old as 60 years. 

This place, like many places in Japan, take their craft seriously, always seeking perfecting with everything they do. They hand dripped coffee using cloth filters with water at the perfect temperature for each brew. This attention to detail, and selection of aged beans doesn't come cheap. A single 25ml serving will set you back between $7 to $11.

Even if you're not a huge fan of coffee, a place like this is still a must visit. The shop just has a beautiful character to it, and it's hard to appreciate the dedication that they have to the art of coffee. 





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Tora-fugu Tei とらふぐ亭

Another item off the bucket-list, Fugu (Puffer Fish)! #GoodEats

This has been on my list for as long as I can remember, it's also a dish/ingredient you cannot get in Canada, and many other countries have banned their importation as well. In Japan, each chef who wants to serve fugu must undergo extensive training and be licence, the final test is to prepare fugu and eat it your self. You live, you pass, you fail...well you end up in the hospital or die. Deaths from fugu are incredibly rare, the majority of which are untrained fishermen, in the past 13 years there's only been 1 death in a restaurant due to fugu. This restaurant, or rather chain of restaurants, was recommended to me by the shop I purchased my knifes from, and it also happens to be one of the most popular restaurant that serves fugu. 

The fish has a very delicate flavour, when cooked you would think it's much like any other white fish. The draw towards fugu is to have a tingling sensation when you eat it raw. There's enough of the poison left of the fish to give you that mouth feel without sending you to the hospital. Raw fugu has a texture similar to squid, in that it's a little rubbery and crunches as you bite though it. 

I went for a tasting of Tiger Fugu, prepared in varous ways. $55 Oyogi-Tora-fugu.




Kawa-sashi. Sashimi of parboiled skin, served with ponzu.


Oyogi-Tessa. Tiger Fugu Sashimi.


Oyogi-Tecchiri. Tiger Fugu Hot Pot, fillet, gills, fins. Boiled for 7 min exactly, no less. 


Tora-fugu-Karaage. Deep-fried Fugu. Kinda like fried chicken, but with a lot more bones. 



Vanilla Red Been Ice Crean Sandwich


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Ichiba Sushi 市場すし

Breakfast #2! Seriously, I could eat this all day long! #GoodEats

Nakaya was already filling, but I was only here for the day so I had to indulge just a little more! More Ikura and Uni with Tamago and Miso soup. Another late opener at 6am, and mostly full of regulars (should tell you something) compared to other sushiya's in the market that have a long lines of tourists waiting 2+ hours. Like most Japanese restuants meals are quickly served and consumed, you're in and out in less than 15 minutes.



Ikura nad Uni on Seaweed and Rice, with Miso Soup, Matcha, Side of Ikura and Uni on thicker Seaweed, and Tamago to finish.






Chef has been cooking here for the past 32 years. Incredible. 

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