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CNE Preview

First look at what's new and exciting at 137 annual #CNE2015 @LetsGoToTheEx. Over 18 days of performances, midway rides and games, vendors, exhibitors, farm animals, and of course some new foods you can only find at The Ex.


Kicking things off with a debut performance at the CNE by the XPogo stunt team. The team will perform flips and tricks on next-generation pogo sticks that can bounce upto 9 feet in the air. 



XPogo stunt rider jumps over CNE General Manager Virginia Ludy.



The Ex wouldn't be complete without the SuperDogs. They're back and celebrating all things Hollywood with their new show, HollyWoof!







One of the most dynamic acrobatic acts to hit the CNE, the Yate Dance & Acrobatic Team will captivate audiences with their sheer gymnastic power, artistry, dance and theatrical costumes. Performances will include human pyramids, contortion, and an amazing hula-hoop. 




Tim Hortons is here this year with some delectable treats, exclusive to the CNE. More on that later.



A another new performance this year features RUSH Parkour Demonstrations. Set to high-energy music, the show features athletes from Toronto's Monkey Vault Training Movement Centre performing free-running, jumping, climbing, and vaulting through urban obstacle courses and buildings.






Now for the food! A small sampling of some of the food to expect this year at The Ex. A classic of the CNE, Ice Cream Waffle is celebrating their 75th year at the fair, and Tiny Tom's donuts has been at the fair since 1960! This year there's even more food featuring over 20 food trucks, a new craft beer festival from 11 regional master craft brewers, a celebrity chef stage (ft Lynn Crawford, Bob Blumer, Michael Smith, Chuck Hughes, and Vikram Vij), and of course a long list of unique food vendors. 


Chicken Waffle On A Stick - Crispy fried chicken on a stick blanketed in a fluffy waffle and dipped in maple syrup. It's then sprinkled with icing sugar and served with a side of Frank's Red Hot for dipping.


Garlic Snow Crab Fries - Seasoned fresh cut fries with house-made garlic aioli, fresh snow crab, topped with parsley and dill.


Corrado's "S&M" Burger - Fifty shades of marinara sauce! A homemade meatball patty topped with spaghetti, parmesan cheese, and Corrado's famous marinara sauce. Spicy chilli toppings are available for those who like it "hot".


Frosted Flake Battered Chicken On A Stick - Juicy battered chicken rolled in Frosted Flakes and deep fried to sweet crunchy tenderness!


Baonana Split - Soft and fluffy traditional Asian bun, called "bao", is filled with hazelnut chocolate, sliced fresh banana, whipped cream, chocolate & strawberry syrup, topped with Maraschino cherry. 


Poutine Balls - A Canadian staple gets a Bavarian twist! Buttery mashed potato balls are stuffed with authentic cheese curds, then rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried to a crispy golden brown. Once plated, the Poutine Balls are smothered with Bavarian style gravy and even more cheese curds!


Fran's Resaurant is back with new inventions including Deep Fried Rice Pudding, Chicken and Waffle Ice Cream, Full Breakfast Pancake Burrito, and Coffee & Donuts Milkshake.




Bub's Bad Boy Burger - Spicy cheese burger and honey garlic fried chicken sandwiched between a Jamaican beef patty with pepper jack cheese, wasabi cucumber, crispy hickory sticks, fresh tomato, sriracha mayo, and buttermilk coleslaw. 


Deep Fried Cheesecake - Creamy cheesecake battered and deep-fried. Need we say more?


Bloomin' Apple - Inspired by a classic fair favourite, the blooming onion, this new dessert hybrid is made from a whole apple, sliced and topped with caramel and Nutella in the centre. Served with more Nutella on the side.


Timbits Poutine - A delightful takeaway dessert best eaten with a fork! A sweet "poutine" made of Tim Hortons Timbits decked out in delicious dessert toppings. Luscious combinations include: Chocolate Lovers, Birthday Cake, Oreo, Cinnamon French Toast, and Chocolate Salted Caramel.


Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreo - It's a match made in dessert heaven. The classic Oreo cookie is dipped in red velvet cake batter and deep fried, then topped with cream cheese icing!


Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese - Six strips of bacon weaved around a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with aged cheddar and mozzarella, served with spicy sweet chilli ketchup. 


...and more, lots more!


The 137th Canadian National Exhibition starts Friday August 21st and runs until September 7th. Tickets are available at , at the gate, participating Pizza Pizza locations, GO Transit and Union Station. 

The CNE concluded Labour Day weekend with the 66th Annual Canadian International Air Show, featuring military and civilian aircraft flying over Lake Ontario. This year the air show pays tribute the the Battle of Britain.

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